Sleeve Socks

Sleeve socks can help relieve plantar fasciitis

Sleeve socks can be effective.

Plantar fasciitis socks, or sleeve socks, are a good alternative for many people. These socks form a compression sleeve around the foot, and serve to provide some support for the plantar fascia. They can be worn underneath regular socks during the day, especially during athletic activities, to provide additional stability. They effectively lift the plantar fascia, and help to stabilize the whole foot as well.

Many people choose to wear these at night while sleeping in place of night splints. Although they don’t provide the kind of stretch for the plantar fascia like the night splints, the socks’ compression overnight can improve the blood flow in the affected area. In a lot of cases this will work to alleviate the painful first steps in the morning. The socks’ compression moves excess fluids out of the inflamed area, and provide a gentler stretch to the plantar fascia.

These socks are very easy to slip on and off, in contrast to the bulkier night splints. Most people claim they are quite comfortable, and state that they quickly become part of their everyday apparel. They have been custom designed to provide more compression to certain parts of the foot, and less to others. There is a pocket that provides cushioning for the heel as well. Using these socks in conjunction with anti-inflammatory medicine and a stretching/exercise program can be extremely effective for combating plantar fasciitis pain. This is a relatively low cost, yet effective, way of aggressively dealing with plantar fasciitis.


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