Orthotic Baseball Cleats

Ball players put a ton of stress on their feet with all of the quick starts and stops that they are required to do in a game situation. It is not unusual for them to develop plantar fasciitis, which will quickly hinder their ability to play the game. Orthotic baseball cleats could be a big help for players in this situation. We have done some research into cleats and sport-specific orthotics that have been found to help a lot of players. Some of these are highlighted below. Both men’s and women’s cleats are included.

Orthotic baseball cleats are not common. But certain cleats accept orthotics much easier than others.  It is important that these cleats have removable insoles so that custom orthotics can be inserted.  The ideal orthotic baseball cleat has the capability to accept custom and OTC orthotics that are targeted to the plantar fasciitis condition. The same can be said about orthotic softball cleats.

Numerous OTC orthotic inserts are listed below. These provide arch support, cushioning, and stability that will help ball players continue to play while working through plantar fasciitis issues. The cushioning acts as a shock absorber when a player is putting stresses on his feet during games. These orthotics can help athletes in other sports as well.

We try to update this list as new products become available.  Additionally, cleats don’t last forever! Many podiatrists suggest replacing cleats after about 75 hours of active use. The support offered by new cleats and orthotics will begin to break down after this amount of wear.


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