Best Senior Men’s Runners

Research has shown that one of the best overall senior running shoes is the Hoka One One, which is reviewed in this post on our site. This shoe is a good option for anyone needing additional cushioning and support, not just older runners. Below are links to purchase several variations of this top shoe.


Product Summary: Even though you're not royalty, the Hoka One One Men's Bondi 3 Runng Shoe ensures you won't feel the run-ruining pokes and stabs from vicious bits of gravel or crumbling concrete on your early-morning runs through town. The plushness of this shoe makes running pleasurable, while a mere 4. 5mm heel-toe offset keeps your mid-foot focus firmly in place. With 2. 5-times more midsole volume that's 30% softer than traditional running shoes, you'll be running, not just walking, on the clouds. The redesigned upper uses Air Mesh to keep fresh air flowing across your toes without exposing your lower digits to potentially damaging road debris. Hoka's proprietary midsole material, HIP CMEVA, dissipates up to 80% of the shock associated with heel-heavy gaits. Regardless of your running mechanics, be it a mid-foot or heel-strike gait, the high-performance cushioning in the Bondi 3 keeps you striding sweetly mile after mile. The Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry design helps the shoe roll with the particulars of your stride to economize your movements. Efficient running means you're not wasting energy forcing the shoe to move, and instead, you can use that extra bit of zip to go a few more miles. The Fluid Ground Contact Design works in conjunction with the high-abrasion rubber sole to give you stability over the long haul. When you're ready for a durable running shoe with a minimal heel drop and more cushioning than most pillowtop mattresses, the Bondi 3 will be your foot's best friend.
Product Summary: Set your sights on crushing that next mile bender with the help of the Conquest from Hoka One One.
1: Hoka Race-Lace System (RLS) features a bungee style closure.
2: Advanced Comfort Collar offers a great step-in feel.
3: Early stage Meta-Rocker is designed to promotes accurate foot roll through the gait cycle.
4: Oversized midsole is up to 2.5 times the volume of standard running shoes. It is designed to provide shock attenuation, a sense of weightlessness, and a stable ride, while reducing fatigue in the runner's feet, legs, and core.
5: Midsole Height: Heel/Toe: 29 mm/25 mm Differential: 4 mm
Product Summary: We strive to find some of the biggest game-changers when it comes to running footwear and performance. And the new Hoka One One Clifton definitely does not disappoint.
1: Ultra-Lightweight No Sew SpeedFrame Construction
2: Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry
3: Full Length HIP CMEVA Midsole
Product Summary: Whether the trail takes you sky high or round and round the winding singletrack, you'll be in exceptional comfort when you ride in the resilient, plush cushioning of the Stinson Atr from Hoka One One.
1: Super soft and lightweight EVA strobal board lasting
2: Full length HIP CMEVA midsole
3: 6 mm heel to toe offset
Product Summary: While there are numerous "bests" in trail running, one of the worsts is when your feet get tired before your body. When you give each foot the Men's Rapa Nui 2 Trail Running Shoe from Hoka One One, you'll be bounding along the trail long after your running club has gone home, showered, and started in on their second evening cocktail. This funny-looking footwear is a dream to run on--with 1. 5 times the EVA volume that average running shoes have, every footfall is sweeter than the last. Made from air mesh, the upper lets fresh air tickle your tootsies without letting your foot flop around inside the shoe. From the tips of your little piggies to the very end of your heel, Hoka's proprietary midsole, HIR IMEVA, absorbs the shock of impact so all you feel is a sweet, soft cushion while trail-tromping. The 5mm heel-toe drop isn't minimal but isn't an elevated experience, either. The Balanced Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry keeps your foot rolling in the right direction without wasting energy on wiggles or wobbles or something in between. The bottom sports Full Ground Contact Design, which is as it sounds. The full length of your foot, plus a bit on the sides, stays in touch with the earth. Your gait isn't shaky and any kinks get a bit of correction. High-abrasion rubber is molded into dirt-gnawing 4mm multi-directional lugs. This robust sole endures the test of time without letting you slip and slide over uncertain terrain. Even if you have a chunk of concrete to cover before you hit the dusty (or muddy) trail, the Rapa Nui 2 is the shoe for you.
Sale Price: $114.99
Product Summary: Cushion reigns supreme in the new Hoka One One Men's Conquest Running Shoe. With a unique midsole material cradling the usual midsole suspect, your road running becomes an exquisite experience of soft yet stable footstrikes. Up top, all-new mesh lets fresh air kiss your digits, and the no-sew construction eliminates seams (one source of run-ruining blisters). From top to bottom, this plush shoe will change your mind about road running. Seamlessly built, a closed mesh on top prevents road debris from sneaking in. Sans seams, the chances of finding bloody socks and raw bits of skin hanging off your heel dramatically diminish. An external heel counter cups the back of your foot so the shoe itself doesn't wilt under the pressure of high-mile runs. Your soul will experience eternal running bliss with the one-two punch of R-mat and CMEVA. R-mat, an injection molded foam, creates a suspension stability system in which the CMEVA layer lies. This fabulously fresh foam offers minimal weight for massive resilience so the shoe stays light and tough over the long haul. Compression-molded EVA runs the length of the shoe and is fashioned into a cradle at the heel for extra gait support and fluidity. Hoka's Meta-Rocker Geometry works with the 4mm heel-forefoot drop to encourage gait efficiency and hitch-free strides. The Full Ground Contact sole design maximizes surface contact for stability without burdening you with excess friction, while the high abrasion rubber sole handles your high-mile days, weeks, and months without complaint.
Sale Price: $149.99
Product Summary: Hoka One One Mafate Speed running shoes are an excellent choice if you're looking for a fast but stable ride. Take them out on the road or to the trails with excellent upper and underfoot protection. With 50% more cushioning, you'll feel excellent shock absorption and an inherently stable ride.
Sale Price: $169.90
1: Layered No-Sew Construction doesn't absorb moisture for a drier and lighter fit
2: Hoka Race-Lace System allows for quick, one-pull tightening
3: Foot Frame midsole geometry allows the foot to sink deeply into the shoe's midsole for integrated stability
Product Summary: Maximum protection, smooth rolling action, the Stinson Lite makes your run effortless.The exceptional cushioning provides comfort and protection, keeping injuries away and facilitating recovery. The oversized sole combined with hoka rolling motion helps improve performance.Hoka shoes offer a unique rolling motion for the most natural, efficient and effortless stride. To achieve these results this has an extended profile; a logarhytmic shape for a smooth progressive rolling motion.There is unsurpassed shock attenuation, a sense of weightlessness, and an inherently stable ride which is designed to reduce the fatigue in your feet, legs and core.The H shape outsole geometry provides a wide midfoot platform for maximum stability.Features:*Ultra-breathable*Single layer meh construction*Quick Lace system, comes with traditional laces in the box*Extended for adaptable fit*4mm moulded EVA
Sale Price: $234.24
Product Summary: The HOKA ONE ONE Men's Stinson Tarmac Running Shoes are unique in form and heavy on function. They're built for comfort and performane using an amplified midsole geometry. A high performance (HIP) EVA midsole 2.2 times larger than most typical running shoes. Providing more cushioning effect for a relaxed and longer run without all the pounding and fatigue. It incorporates a Meta-Rocker propelling the runner forward with each and every foot strike. Allowing the foot to work naturally with maximum stability and unmatched comfort. Its wide platform will make every run longer, faster and further with less effort. Get the HOKA ONE ONE Men's Stinson Tarmac Running Shoes today and feel the difference. Be a rockstar and join the oversized revolution!Outside Magazine January 2014 Featured ItemFeatures & Benefits:
  • 2.2X larger (26mm) HIP EVA midsole
  • Increased cushioning for comfort
  • Oversized for increased forgiveness
  • Great for long-low intensity runs
  • Promotes consistent rhythm
  • 1.5mm Hoka Grip lugs
  • Active Rocker
  • Heel height: 35.5mm
  • Toe height: 29.5mm
  • Heel to toe drop: 6mm
  • Weight: 10.23oz (290g)
  • Size: 8 - 13
  • Colors: Black/Lime (BLK) or Grey/Yellow (GRY)
Shipping Weight: 3.0 lbs.
Sale Price: $134.99
Product Summary: Inspired by the demands of athletes, the Huaka delivers for runners wanting an extremely efficient and responsive ride thanks to the R-MAT technology, all with minimal weight.R-MAT is a new midsole material with increased rebound, better durability and exceptional outsole grip, even no wet surfaces. It provides start-of-the-art resilience to breakdown, underfoot stability and durability.Hoka shoes offer a unique rolling motion for the most natural, efficient and effortless stride. To achieve these results this has an extended profile; a logarithmic shape for a smooth progressive rolling motion.There is unsurpassed shock attenuation, a sense of weightlessness, and an inherently stable ride which is designed to reduce the fatigue in your feet, legs and core.The K shape outsole geometry provides dynamic guidance through a strong wall interior.Features:*Full ground contact design*Breathable mesh*Seamless synthetic supportive overlay*Traditional laces*4mm moulded EVA insole
Sale Price: $225.82