Best Running Shoes

We have researched and found some of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Links are shown for specific shoes which have received high marks for helping to relieve heel pain.

These shoes provide a great deal of stability and have good cushioning in the heel. They also provide more arch support than typical running shoes. Attention to correcting over-pronation is another important feature, as this is often related to developing plantar fasciitis. This will also help with posture issues.

Some of the best walking and workout shoes for dealing with plantar fasciitis are also referenced.

Additional links for top senior running shoes  are given also, both men’s and women’s.

These pages will be updated as new shoe models become available.

Men’s Running ShoesSenior Men’s Running Shoes

Women’s Running ShoesSenior Women’s Running Shoes


A recent article describes how smart phone technology is being used with ‘smart shoes’ to collect data to help with a runner’s performance. This will also be able to help runners to select the most optimal shoe. It will take some more research to comprehend how to massage the collected data into its most useful form. But  matching shoes to a runner’s style is likely to become much more scientific in the coming months.