Heel Pain Relief

Heel Pain Relief

Plantar Fasciitis is a major cause of heel and foot pain


This site is dedicated to providing heel and foot pain relief to the millions of people that suffer every day from it. I can honestly say that I feel your pain, as I have been through it plenty myself. Although there are a variety of reasons for heel pain, one of the most prevalent is the condition known as plantar fasciitis. This condition plagues many people who don’t even know they have it. Our site strives to give these people a variety of options for heel and foot pain relief, and in many cases eliminate the pain completely.


Read my story about  battling plantar fasciitis.


I developed this condition without having ever heard of the term plantar fasciitis. All I knew was that I had terrible heel pain, especially when getting out of bed in the morning. I lived with the pain for a long time before I finally found out what the cause was. My fervent wish is to get these messages out to people who are in a similar situation, and hopefully help them quicker than otherwise would have happened.




I thought I was simply having the typical aches and pains that people tend to experience as they age, especially those that try to stay physically active. But the good news is that this condition is quite treatable, and is much more easily treated early in its development. There are a variety of treatment options available to provide heel pain relief.  On this site I have highlighted the ones that seem to have given the most benefit to the greatest number of people. Often the tricky part is figuring out which method is the best for your individual situation. It is not uncommon to try several of these methods, and find that a combination of more than one may prove to be the most effective.

I am not a physician, I must emphasize, but I can provide a wealth of knowledge about the condition because I have been through it. I have tried just about everything mentioned on this site, or have known someone who has. We try to update the site with new treatment options when we become aware of them as well. This includes new items like footwear, orthotics, and therapy equipment and methods. Over-activity or injury can cause plantar fasciitis and other related foot conditions to flare up again, even after the symptoms have disappeared for a while. So it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the contents on this site for future reference as well.

surgeonI am not suggesting that you should avoid further medical help for heel pain relief. If the pain continues regardless of the treatment options you use then there may be further problems that need a physician’s attention. But for the basic plantar fasciitis condition, most podiatrists will likely suggest the very things that I am presenting here. You can follow these guidelines at a greatly reduced cost, and in some cases for no cost at all.

We also delve into some other related foot problems that can cause similar problems that are often associated with plantar fasciitis.

Please look over our pages at the many possible helpful solutions for plantar fasciitis and other general foot issues, and we sincerely hope we can provide some welcome heel pain relief!



Read my story about   battling plantar fasciitis.


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